Artist Statement

“Colour is the Keyboard,

The eye is the hammer

The Artist is the hand that sets the soul vibrating

By means of this or that key”


Jane Cox is a Fellow of the CPA and CAA and Trustee and Past Master of the Art Workers Guild (AWG).

She has worked as an artist for 30 years, establishing studios in France , London and more recently in St Lawrence South East Isle of Wight.

Her work features in the permanent collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and the British Council permanent collection at Aberystwyth University, Wales. She has also exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Fortnum & Masons, The London Design Museum and various galleries in France, Netherlands, USA and Japan.

The hallmark of Jane's work is its striking surface pattern and bold use of colour.

She specializes in earthenware fired to high bisque temperatures (giving them extra strength), combining slip decoration & sgraffitto decoration with low temperature translucent glazes in three main colours: "Aquitaine" a rich vibrant turquoise , "Loire" a deep green, and "Carcassonne" a resplendent blue purple.

In 2005 Jane was commissioned by the British Library to design and make a series of striking new designs in Black & White based on an exhibition on World Sacred Texts they were having.

Jane was inspired by the calligraphy on an ancient Quran Haj text to create two new ceramic designs “haj” and Kufic” featured on her website. The seeps and curves of the surface patterns echo the sweeps and curves of the ceramic shapes underneath.

In 2012, Jane moved from London to the Isle of Wight – a place she has known and loved since childhood and this move has inspired new directions in her work.

She has been making work on a larger scale – large Torpedo shaped vases and large dishes and platters as well as expanding the colour palette in her glazes .

These now include new speckle effects in blue/greens & green/blacks which evoke the coastal shoreline textures and star filled midnight skies of the Island.

Her work features in the Permanent Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, the British Council Collection at Aberystwyth University and the Art Workers Guild, London.

In 2018 Jane was selected to be the Master of The Art Workers Guild, a very great honour.

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